Screw conveyors

Screw conveyors

Prior to the delivery or inspection of a screw conveyor, we enquire about its unique specifications. For instance, is the machine destined for transportation or dosage, what are the hygienic requirements, is it unusually long which requires intermediate bearings?

By having customers handling in the cacao, soy, animal feed and aqua feed trade, we have established a vast array of knowledge which enables us to offer sound advice and to take appropriate action.


We know that companies always strive for standardization and aim to reduce the need for maintenance on wear parts. We facilitate this by, for instance, applying intermediate bearings that are self-lubricating and are equal as much as possible throughout the system. This way, part supply can be kept to a minimum.

Below we offer a partial overview of available screw conveyor options:

  • Exchangeable shafts
  • Flanged seals or gland seals
  • Flange or block bearing
  • Made in accordance with ATEX directives
  • Piggyback transportation constructions
  • Hygienic seals
  • Exotic materials such as for the use of acid materials

These are just some of the available options. Do not hesitate to contact us with your questions.