About us

Ciass Ede B.V.

Ciass Ede B.V. has over 30 years of experience in the raw material processing industry. We specialize in bulk transport equipment, e.g. chain conveyors, bucket elevators and screw conveyors. Numerous companies in the Netherlands and abroad, such as Olam, Bunge, Cargill, Iams and Coppens, have already employed our products and services.

Our unique method sets us apart from other companies. At Ciass Ede B.V. we make our products according to our customers’ specifications. This enables us to deliver various products, besides our specialties. We offer our customers complete peace of mind through our solution-orientated practices and proactive input. We generally employ the following method: inspect, report, replace when needed, and carry out maintenance. We can offer quick results thanks to our expansive production facilities and large number of available materials. Our products are partially or fully made from either rubber, plastic, steel or stainless or abrasion-resistant materials.